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Little Rock, AR

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God is calling you to Himself that He may impart to you the very purpose for which He made you. The understanding of the natural man cannot measure the depth of love that God has for you. His Spirit makes it know, and He invites each of us on a journey by faith through His Son Jesus Christ to experience this intimate and profound relationship. It will propel you into your purpose and, therefore, your destiny for which God created you.

William Owens has pursued God on an extensive journey by faith for the last 5-years. William has witnessed everything God has done for him by faith, starting on a bike for over 1K miles to a motorhome and then to another motorhome. He now travels America preaching, sharing the gospel through poetry and percussions, and even as a playwright.

God has given William the mandate to teach souls from every walk of life throughout America on the Journey of Faith Experience.

This workshop will express the heart of God through preaching, poetry, and a full-day workshop that will provide a scriptural foundation to start your journey by faith in discovering and fulfilling the Will of God. 

Full 2019 Tour

Feb 19

Monterey, CA

Mar 10

Denver, CO

Apr 18

Brooklyn, NY

May 2

Chicago, IL

Aug 10

New York, NY

Sep 12

San Francisco, CA

Oct 28

Houston, TX

Nov 15

Miami, FL

Dec 21

Los Angeles, CA

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